Telluride Lizard Head Hockey Goaltender Policy and Procedure

Updated and implemented 9/11/17

Purpose: To create enthusiasm for the goalie position, have more skaters play the position, retain goalies; improve their skills, their confidence, their love of the game and ultimately the success of all the clubs programs.

To strive to meet the aforementioned goal, the Telluride Lizard Head Hockey Club has created the following procedures for skaters committed to playing goaltender.

U8 and U10 skaters:

  1. The club will purchase and maintain equipment for U8 and U10 programs (minis, mites and squirts).
  2. The coaches of the U8 and U10 programs will commit to rotating all skaters through the goal position at practices and games/scrimmages.

U12, U14, U16, U18/19 goalies:

  1. The club will cover 50% of a committed goalies fees for annual skating program at time of registration for U12, U14, U16, and U18/19 age groups (peewees, bantams and midgets/high school). Consideration will be made for reimbursement should a player become interested in goal tending as the season progresses. In addition if it is determined that the skater is not playing goalie the club has the right to charge for the fee’s initially discounted.
  2. The club will reimburse 50% of equipment expenses (up to $400, must have receipts) for committed goalies at the U12, U14, U16, U18 age group.
  3. There will be a maximum of 2 designated goalies per team at the U12, U14, U16, U18 age groups.

All skaters interested in goal tending:

  1. The club will have a designated goalie coach to work with each team and their goalies throughout the season.
  2. The club will provide goalie training/clinic slots when possible.