The Lizard Head Hockey Club is pleased to announce the Student-Athlete Mentorship Program for the 2023-24 hockey season. We are looking for outstanding members of the hockey community that can dedicate their time to mentoring, teaching, and supporting younger players during the season.

The Who

The club invites eligible high school hockey players that exemplify the character and spirit of the Lizard Head Hockey program to apply to be a mentor. We are looking for community and hockey program leaders that want to be an integral part of developing and serving younger players.

The What

Players that are selected as mentors will dedicate time during the week to being at the rink, working with younger players. These positions will focus on off-ice interaction and assistance; on-ice components will be addressed as-needed. Before and after live practice slots, mentors are free to complete schoolwork or attend to other obligations.

In some cases mentors will be paid hourly for their time, while in most cases these mentorship oportunities are a great way to give back while building one’s resume

The Where

Hanley Ice Rink, Town Park

The When

Each mentor is expected to consistently dedicate themselves to the agreed upon opportunity across the season. The How

To apply, please fill out the attached questionnaire. You may send your completed questionnaire to director@telluridehockey.com with the subject line “Mentorship Program Application – [name]”

Mentor Questionnaire