Hockey is for everyone. LHHC will meet any family who needs assistance at up to 50% of the registration costs. We want to help make it work.

We do not require complex paperwork to confirm assistance eligibility, but instead recognize the reality that our families’ financial picture is always shifting and want to help make it work. Keeping our teams together and the kids on the ice is our goal.

Across the club every player is receiving a roughly 40% subsidy off the real costs of running our programming. We can do this because of our strong fundraising and volunteer culture. We aim to be inexpensive while offering exceptional value. We also want our teams to be competitive and competent and therefore invest in quality programming that costs more than what we charge at registration.

The discount codes are intended to help further and not function as a deal. The hockey program is already priced at an exceptional value.

Before using a code consider spreading your payment out across up to 5 payments or do both. We want to help make it work.

To use a code select the amount that fits your needs. If you have multiple players you will need to check them out separately(1 code per checkout).

Telluride hockey, good small town hockey.

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