2013-2014 Birth Year

Telluride Squirt A+B

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Practice Schedule

  • Monday 4:45-5:45PM
    (Dryland/Yoga: 4:05-4:25PM)

  • Wednesday 4:45-5:45PM
    (Dryland/Yoga: 4:05-4:25PM)

  • Thursday 3:45-4:45PM

Upcoming Events

Telluride Hockey Club
Telluride Hockey Club

Lead Coaches Walter Kavle, Grayson Fertig, Javen Heidergott

Squirt hockey represents an important stage in a young player’s hockey journey, typically involving athletes aged 9 to 10 years old. It serves as a bridge between the foundational skills learned in mite hockey and the more advanced concepts and strategies of competitive play, providing young players with valuable experiences that enhance their development and passion for the game.

This year the Squirts will be have both an A and a B team that will be divided up after tryouts. Some skaters may be rostered on both teams (double-rostered).

  • 3 hours of on-ice practices / week

  • 2 off-ice yoga/dryland training sessions

  • 16 League Games + Playoffs (tournaments extra)

  • Season Costs: $880 (half season $500)
    This is a competitive travel level of hockey. Season includes 50+ ice sessions, practice jersey, home and away jersey, 50% discount code to 2 Grunnah Power Skating camps, 5 free weekend clinics with Heidergott Hockey, 16 home/away games + playoffs, experienced coaching, 2 off-ice training sessions per week, 25% team gear coupon and an incredible opportunity to push one’s self in a structured and positive environment. *Pricing does not include any additional tournaments.
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