2009-2010 Birth Year

Telluride Bantam B

Lead Coach Javen Heidergott

Bantam hockey represents an exciting phase in a young player’s hockey journey. It serves as a crucial developmental stage, where athletes further hone their skills, enhance their game sense, and prepare for the challenges of higher-level competition in the hockey world.

This year the Bantams will be a playing as a coed B team in the WCHL.

  • 4.5 hours of on-ice practices / week

  • 2 yoga/dryland training sessions

  • 20 League Games + Playoffs (tournaments extra)

  • Season Costs: $1,200 This level promotes healthy competition and focused practice opportunities. Season includes 50+ ice sessions, practice jersey, home and away jersey, 50% discount code to 2 Grunnah Power Skating camps, 5 free weekend clinics with Heidergott Hockey, 20 home/away games + playoffs, experienced coaching, 2 off-ice training session per week, 25% team gear coupon and an incredible opportunity to push one’s self in a structured and positive environment. *Pricing does not include any additional tournaments.
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
At a glance

Practice Schedule

  • Monday 6:00-7:00PM
    Goalies: 5:15pm – 5:45PM
    Dryland/Yoga: 5:15pm – 5:45PM

  • Tuesday 6:15-7:15AM

  • Wednesday 6:00-7:00PM
    Goalies: 5:15pm – 5:45PM
    Dryland/Yoga: 5:15pm – 5:45PM

  • Thursday 5:15-5:45PM (1/2 ice small area games)
    6 – 7PM Full Ice

Game Weekends

  • November 11 or 12 @West Elk 2 games
  • November 18 or 19 @ GJ 2 games

  • December 2 or 3 @Telluride 2 games

  • December 9-10 @Vail 4 games

  • December 16-17 @Telluride 4 games

  • January 6-7 @ Vail 4 games

  • January 27 or 28 @ Telluride 2 games

Telluride Hockey Club
Telluride Hockey Club

Schedule, Stats & Standings

2023-2024 schedules will be released soon. Last years schedule is currently shown below. Please check back for updated schedules.